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About Us

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Building “Dream Homes” is at the heart of who we are.

Everybody wants to live in a “Dream Home” that has love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and mutual trust. Personal success at home is always a contributing, if not the number one, factor to success in other areas of life. We have seen that a happy, healthy, and successful home life leads the way to a happy, healthy, and successful professional life.

Dream Home Enterprises is a unique venture built upon 32 years of leadership experience. The valuable resources discovered in these three decades of training, coaching, and counseling are the foundation for this endeavor. Over the years we have assisted husbands, wives, singles, children, and members of the business community. We have empowered many to leverage their strengths and successfully overcome their weaknesses. Our mission is to help you build, repair or remodel your “Dream Home”.

We help “build” and “remodel” lives by providing the necessary tools needed for awareness, and insight. Our “tool box” enables professionals, parents, people, and those in the working community to gain understanding leading to peace and prosperity at home and at the work place. A complete and clear blueprint can lead to a safe and secure home. We help reveal a “blueprint” that outlines the steps to build your “dream home”. That “home” then serves as the motivation and inspiration to be the best you can be both personally and professionally.

Phil Lewis, President and Founder of Dream Home Enterprises, is an independent certified coach, teacher, and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Below you will find some of the ways Dream Home Enterprises can be a part of your personal and professional growth.